The Stone County Honor Guard (SCHG) is Organized as a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization


Mission Statement 

  It is the mission and purpose of the Stone County Honor Guard (SCHG) to provide military funeral honors to Honorably Discharged Veterans in Stone County, Arkansas and adjacent counties, if that county is not able to provide military honors. This honor is to provide a last tribute of respect and affection to the veteran who honorably served his country.

The SCHG may provide for special/civil events to honor veterans and active members of the United States Armed Forces as long as said participation does not conflict with the apolitical nature of the SCHG.

 The SCHG was established April 23, 2013 and operates on the generous donations from the general public. This organization’s main objective is to perform a last tribute of respect to any veteran who was honorably discharged.


Stone County Honor Guard Officers

William Stroud

Commander and Chaplain


Jack Abrahamson


Allen Wroblewski


Allen Wroblewski

Funeral Services

Arrange all veteran military honor funeral services with your Funeral Director.

Your Funeral Director will contact Chaplain William Stroud of the Stone County Honor Guard (SCHG) or Associate Chaplain Doug Robinson of the SCHG



Abrahamson, Jack

Bass, Soloman

Breeding, Joel

Dyke, Shirley

Griffith, Stan

Johnson, Reggie

Kipfor, Jr.

McCain, Bubba

Phillips, Keith

Rhodes, Billy

Robertson, Doug

Robinson, Boyd

Stroud, William

Staples, Mary

Sumrall, Malcom

William, Stroud

Winn, Tommy

Wolf, Millton

Wroblewskil, Allen

Bag Piper Chiodini, Cindy

Honor Guard Memberships

All Honorably Discharged Veterans are welcome to become members of the SCHG.  

Please contact Commander/Chaplin William Stroud or Associate Chaplin Doug Robertson if you are interested in becoming a member.