Flag ceremony at 0700 hours and again at 1200 hours in front of the Stone County Court House

05-27-2019 6:45 AM - 12:30 PM

The SCHG will be lowering the three flags at the War Memorial in front of the Stone County Court House to half mast on Monday, May 27 at 0700 hours .

At 1150 hours the SCHG will be replacing the American flag  with a American presentation flag and raising that flag to full mast and then lowering that flag after about one minute and then will replace the American presentation flag with the regular American flag and then raise the regular flag  along with the POW flag and the Arkansas State flag to full mast at 1200 hours

SCHG members are to be at the Stone County Court House at 0645 hours and then again at 1130 hours. Uniforms will be white shirt and tie.